We place sustainability and transparency at the core of our values as a brand. We are constantly striving to reduce waste and make conscious choices through every step of the supply chain, all while keeping you informed of the who, what, where, and how of your Vivat Novum clothes.

Our Clothes

*All of our clothes are made in New York City with eco or vintage fabrics. Eco-fabrics are materials with a diverse range of benefits such as recyclability, lack of hazardous substances, low energy manufacturing processes, and efficient or resource-saving cultivation / production processes. We primarily work with organic cotton, bamboo, and lyocell fabrics. 

Using vintage and deadstock fabrics gives new life to materials that may otherwise have sat indefinitely in a warehouse or ended up in a landfill. These fabrics require no additional resources or energy to harvest and produce, reducing the overall environmental impact of the product.

All clothing from our ready-to-wear collection has been dyed with low-impact fiber reactive dyes. These dyes are safer for people and better for the environment than most other dyes currently in commercial use. They are free from some of the most harmful chemicals found in other fabric dyes such as heavy metals, mordants, and azos. Additionally, the dye process requires less water, meaning less waste-water runoff, or effluent. 

Many of our fabrics are also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. This means our fabric supplier’s products have undergone rigorous testing and have been verified to be free of substances harmful to human health. All of our brand and care labels are also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. 

Styles from our ready-to-wear collection are made in low quantities to reduce waste. All clothing from our made-to-order collection is just that, made to order. The item does not exist until after purchase. 

*Our Deco Big Cat Tees are sourced wholesale. These are not made in-house, but produced sustainably in Mexico and embellished in New York City.

Our Packaging

We package our products with 100% recycled plastic poly bags manufactured in the U.S. All orders are shipped in plant-based, compostable mailers.

Sustainability Icons

To help you gain immediate visibility on the sustainable aspects of each of our products, we developed the below suite of icons. 

1. Made from Bamboo Fiber Content Fabric
2. Made from Lyocell Fiber Content Fabric
3. Made in NYC
4. Made to Order
5. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified Materials
6. Certified Organic Fiber Content Fabric
7. Made from Deadstock, Vintage, or Recycled Materials
8. Made in Low Quantities