About Us

Vivat Novum (Vee-Vaht Noh-Vum) is a play on the latin acclamation ‘Vivat Rex’, or ‘Long Live the King. ‘Novum’ is the gender-neutral form of ‘Novus’, an adjective meaning new, unusual, or strange. The literal translation of Vivat Novum, ‘Long Live the Unusual’, is a new acclamation for today’s world. Vivat Novum designs versatile statement pieces that are weird, but accessible and elevated, but comfortable. Curiously, ‘Novum’ is also a Latin noun meaning ‘Revolution’. The slow fashion revolution, with its emphasis on ‘less, but better’ and sustainability, is at the core of our values as a brand. 

The idea for Vivat Novum was born from designer Reilly Johnson’s efforts to reskill during the pandemic after being laid off alongside thousands of other Broadway artisans. After developing a mini-collection to help bolster her portfolio, Reilly took a chance, selling her car and taking her designs through the product development process. The creation of Vivat Novum helped her land her dream job with an apparel-tech company and provided her with an opportunity to share her aesthetic vision in a meaningful way.